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Disinfection booths

DEZ GATE mobile disinfection booths, manufactured by our company, are a sanitary and preventive gateway designed for automatic surface treatment of people, clothing and shoes, as well as animals, inventory and equipment with a long - acting disinfection solution based on ARGITOS DEZ nanosilver.


Protective mask

Research and production company "Steril "has developed an innovative protective face mask - "Silver mask", which protects the respiratory tract not only from mechanical and toxic contamination, but also protects against viruses and bacteria.



Professional disinfection of the room from viruses and infection helps to completely disinfect up to 99% of all surfaces in the room: furniture, interior items, clothing, equipment and walls. In addition to surface disinfection, the air space of the room is decontaminated. When cold fog comes into contact with interior items, upholstered furniture, Wallpaper, there are no stains, stains, plaque and traces.

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