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For disinfection, we use one of the proven methods: COLD MIST. Disinfection is carried out by experienced specialists using special mobile portable equipment — the DEZ GUN cold mist generator. The disinfectant is broken down into particles no larger than 50 microns and sprayed from the generator as a mist, destroying pathogens even in the air. The smallest drops penetrate all hard-to-reach places, evenly cover objects and are sprayed over a large area. The formation of small particles occurs mechanically, due to which the disinfectant properties of the product used are not lost.

Timely prevention measures are needed to prevent the occurrence of infection foci and prevent its spread, primarily in organizations that are associated with a large flow of people — transport, health and education institutions, public catering enterprises, as well as during cultural events. Professional disinfection is the most effective measure to combat the spread of bacterial and viral infections.


The lack of moisture after treatment

Maximum result

Virus suppression over 99%

Bacteria (destroys about 650 species of bacteria);

Effective for killing fungi

Prolonged effect

Fungi, yeast (destroys and suppresses the growth of yeast-like and mold-like fungi);

Algae (inhibits the development of algae in water bodies and on wet surfaces).

Rapid spread. In a room of 100 m2 in 1.5-2 minutes

Effective penetration into cracks and hard-to-reach places

Viruses (destroys influenza viruses, adenoviruses, enteroviruses);


Professional disinfection of the room from viruses and infections helps to completely disinfect up to 99% of all surfaces in the room: furniture, interior items, clothing, equipment and walls.

In addition to surface disinfection, the air space of the room is decontaminated.

When cold fog comes into contact with interior items, upholstered furniture, Wallpaper, there are no stains, stains, plaque and traces.


Availability of all permits and certificates

Processing within 24 hours after receiving the request. We carry out disinfection at night and on weekends all employees are qualified, have many years of experience in this field

Processing within 24 hours after receiving the request. We carry out disinfection at night and on weekends

Documents: you will receive a full package of all necessary documents for Rospotrebnadzor based on the results of disinfection

Continuous workflow (You can continue working in the room immediately after processing)

Safety (the drugs used are not aggressive towards the objects of treatment and are allowed for use in hospitals, kindergartens, and schools.

The disinfectants used are effective against pathogenic fungi, viruses, bacteria, and pathogens of particularly dangerous infections. All drugs have the necessary certificates, are allowed and recommended by Rospotrebnadzor

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